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How it began

I met Alexandra in January 22 at the prelovedREVOLUTION shop.

We immediately got along very well and thought about what we could do together.

After the Russians invaded Ukraine on February 24, I called Alexandra and another Ukrainian friend and offered them my guest room.

Alexandra told me that she is with the Swiss mission in Ukraine and organizes the transports and the distribution of donations for the embassy and that the cars do not drive back empty.

When you run a Secondhand boutique and have a large network, you are quickly approached for help, whether it is for donations for the Maltheser organization or clothes for refugees in Switzerland. Once you start to help, you can not stop again.

It was relatively clear that if we want to help efficiently, we need a warehouse, but also volunteers to help.

The pieces of the puzzle fell into place quickly, practically parallel we got the warehouse behind my store from Swiss Property and I found Volunteers amongst the Ukrainien refugees who took care of organization of the warehouse and the distribution of clothes and household goods to the Ukrainians in Switzerland.

Through Animals need us we get food and sleeping caves for animals,
and Alexandra coordinates the transports to Ukraine, where our main focus is on medical support.

We see ourselves as a network that supports each other and delivers donations to partner organizations in Ukraine, these are both hospitals and foundations that care for people and animals, each partner can make requests for specific goods and we try to get them for him or to transport them to the trusted partner organisations in Ukraine.

But we also take suitcases and occasional pets of refugees from Ukraine to Switzerland. One must not forget that a.ex. cosmeticians and hairdressers need their tools if they have to start from scratch here and have no money to buy this again.


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